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Our mission at Geri Health Home Care is to bring an exceptional care, accessible and cost-effective home and community health care to help empower independence and promote quality of life.


Geri Health Home Care vision to create and enrich possibilities in the lives of seniors and families in the community.


Compassionate – Our caring staffs are dedicated in providing compassionate care

Accountable – We take responsibility making sure you received the service care plan in placed.

Respect – With our diverse population we respect to each individual’s dignity and well-being and your health needs

Excellence – We are committed to maintain the highest standard of care by giving ongoing educational opportunities for all staff and keep their practice and guided by the evidence-best practices.


Geri Health’s integrated clinical innovative ideas and frontline expertise in patient care:

Personalized Care – This care approach is focus on what matters most for the patient and flexible according to patient’s changing healthcare needs.

Primary and Accountable Care – Primary model of care delivers consistent and coordinated care, aiming to achieve a positive experience and health outcome.

Collaborative and Team Approach – Patients and families are engaged to participate and work collaboratively with their healthcare team. Our Geri Health Client portal is a tool where clients can have empowerment to manage their time and other means of communication with the team.

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