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  • What strategies to a successful aging at home?

    There are key points to successful aging at home which includes self assessment, determining priorities, finding the problem and exploring options.

    Advance care planning is a way to start a conversation about your future health care plans to your loved ones. This will be a guide in making decision in times of unexpected events and to prevent crisis.

    Care management
    Continue on being active physically and socially. This is boost to your immune system and helps you maintain emotional balance. There are amazing programs in the community that you can check out, whatever your interest may be.

    Being socially active includes visiting and inviting over family and friends. If possible, plan a scheduled few days getaways just to regain peace of mind and relaxation.

    Chronic illness management is important to prevent complications. This includes maintaining your diet, following instructions and routine checks with your care provider and taking medications as prescribed.

    Major part of retirement planning is securing your finances. Consult your financial advisor to explore financial options.

    Home care support is often the last thing many older adults tend to consider as part of lifestyle. It can be intimidating to ask someone’s help when it comes to their personal and home care. It is significant to maintain and organize a home to maintain a pleasant environment, as it promotes relaxation, reduces stress and boosts your health and wellness.

    Reminder that it is ok to reach out for support.

    Care management for seniors is a support services that will assist in navigating care. Thorough assessment is done in all components in aging and will provide recommendations or strategies specific to individual clients.


    Geri Health Home Care advocates retirement lifestyles at home. Geri Health Home Care believes that knowledge is essential in building your confidence as you age and will empower you in your life journey. With our vision for excellent home lifestyles for those that are aging and our in depth understanding of the changing needs of older adults, we create programs that best fit your lifestyles through our care management services. Our total home health care program optimizes the quality of care we provide to help ensure you maintain your health and lifestyle that is necessary for you. We make home care simple and affordable possible.