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  • Holiday Essentials for Seniors with Dementia 

    Holiday Essentials for Seniors with Dementia 


    Are you worried about how to handle the holidays for your aging relative with dementia? Many caregivers across the country also wonder about the best way to include seniors with dementia in holiday celebrations, traditions, and events. Of course, you want your aging loved one to enjoy the festivities, but often overstimulation is not good for those with dementia.  


    Caregiver in Markham: Dementia Holiday Essentials

    Caregiver in Markham: Dementia Holiday Essentials


    When you create a dementia-friendly holiday plan and ask for help from other family members, friends, and senior care providers, you’ll be able to find the balance you need to make good decisions regarding elderly relatives with dementia.  


    Understanding Dementia 


    Being a family caregiver for an aging relative with dementia is difficult enough on typical days. Adding in the overstimulation of the holidays often leaves seniors feeling confused, afraid, and frustrated. When family caregivers don’t understand much about dementia, they may insist that seniors participate in holiday activities, believing that they will be fun and enjoyable. Instead, elderly adults with dementia simply become agitated and upset. 


    You’ll need to consider the true needs of your aging relative with dementia when it comes to holiday events. Because dementia makes it more difficult to think clearly, communicate, recall memories and stick to timelines, routines are extremely important in keeping seniors calm and content. When you adjust your holiday expectations and assemble a support team of senior care providers and other family members, you can successfully integrate meaningful holiday traditions into your aging loved one’s life without much disruption. 


    Simple But Effective Holiday Activities for Seniors with Dementia 


    Holiday success with aging relatives means keeping things simple and incorporating them into the existing routine. Some of the traditions that you may be thinking of are simply too stimulating or difficult to do anymore. Instead, create some new traditions that are simple, repetitive and meaningful. Others can participate as well, such as friends, family members, and senior care providers. 


    Some of the holiday activities you can do with your elderly loved ones include making paper chains, baking cookies, writing holiday cards, singing holiday songs, wrapping presents and hosting a few family members or friends for holiday snacks. You should try a holiday activity during the time of day when your aging loved one is at their best, fully rested and fed. When seniors with dementia stick to their regular schedule and are accompanied by their senior care provider, they can do simple holiday activities and feel involved and included. 


    Above all, remember that the holidays should be important to you, as well. Despite your duties to take care of your aging relative with dementia, you need some respite to do the holiday traditions that you love. Call on another family member or a senior care provider to give yourself a break and participate in some holiday traditions of your own. Between getting some time to yourself and helping with some small holiday essentials for your loved one’s winter holiday, everyone will benefit.


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