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  • Five Questions to Ask about Your Senior’s Health

    Odds are good that you ask a lot of questions as a family caregiver. But are you asking any of these?


    Caregiver in Pickering: Senior Health Questions

    Caregiver in Pickering: Senior Health Questions


    Has She Needed to Go to the ER?

    Any trip to the emergency room is scary for your aging adult and for you, but how often is your senior going? If she’s on a first name basis with the nurses in the ER, that’s a bad sign. This definitely means that aspects of your senior’s health are definitely getting worse and that there may be something that needs to change.


    Is She Eating?

    What and how often your senior eats is really important. The food that she puts into her body is what fuels her to tackle all of the various things that she wants to do. Ideally, she should be eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins and whole grains. If cooking is an issue, elderly care providers can take over that task for her and you.


    How Is Her Strength?

    One problem that aging adults often face is losing muscle tone and strength. This leaves them with a problem in every area of their lives because they may not be able to do certain things. A severe enough loss of strength can keep your senior trapped on the floor if she happens to fall.


    Does She Experience Pain or Discomfort?

    Some health conditions, such as COPD, can bring with them increasing pain and discomfort. When those discomfort levels begin to advance more quickly, there may be other treatments that her medical team needs to try. It’s important to stay on top of how your senior is feeling so that you can deal with changes quickly.


    What Is She Worried about Right Now?

    One of the questions you might not think to ask your aging adult is what she’s worried or concerned about right now. This can be an important question because it shows you areas you might not have considered when it comes to your elderly family member’s health and well-being. This one question can help you to locate a safety issue that you wouldn’t have noticed on your own.

    These are questions that you’ll need to answer more than once during your time as your senior’s caregiver. Once you have answers for these questions, you can determine if other help, such as elderly care providers, is a good idea. They can help you to manage the increasing needs your senior is likely to experience.


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