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Geri Health Home Care brings high quality care, caring, reliable and affordable total homecare and home health assistance for healthier independent living lifestyle for Seniors! This program give clients the peace of mind of full support to live at home safely as long as you can be through our integrated homecare and nursing services.

Active Mind and Body: Dementia Home Care

Geri Health developed a dementia home care model, a broader understanding and deeper perspective in caring clients with dementia. It is guided journey of care with full of compassion that nurtures and respects dignity and quality of life. It is an individualized program in combination of mind and body activities to strengthen resilience delivered by staff with specialized training in senior care and dementia care.

Transition to Home Program

Are you ready to recover at home after hospitalization? Geri Health Home Care offers a wide range of specialized transition to home care program, supported by nursing staff 24/7 coverage. A care pathway is developed to facilitate delivery of care to patients that are transitioning into home.

This includes geriatric care, stroke care, palliative care, post rehab care, complex continuing care and more.

In-Home Rehab Program

At Geri Health Home Care, maintaining mobility and improving function is our focus. Physiotherapy services at home can help reduce pain, improve mobility and improve fitness for even the most sedentary of seniors. Occupational therapy services will assist the need for assessment may occur if the client has difficulties walking, climbing stairs, or getting into and out of bed. There may have been a recent fall or some change in activity level. There may be new medical issues such as recovering from an operation which may prompt an assessment.

Community Kidney Care

Geri health is specialized in kidney care program, help you to manage your health in any stage of the disease. From kidney health education to end stage renal disease and requiring dialysis. Geri health help you independent and empower you to manage your kidney disease and treatment at home and at your own time.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

Geri Health Home Care Clinician will do in-home assessment and establish a baseline. These includes head to toe assessment, vitals signs that includes your blood pressures, blood sugars, chronic medical condition and all other aspect of care such home/environmental, social and family support. In collaboration with you and/or family who are involve in your care, discussion regarding advance care planning and personalized care plan is being developed. Follow up assessment and care management as needed. On call 24/7 nursing support coverage for urgent care.

Reach out now and our friendly care experts is available at anytime.

Outreach Program: Community Health Promotion

Giving back in the community is to share our time, knowledge and expertise. We accept sponsorship and invitation from communities and organizations for their events that promotes health and wellness in the community.

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