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  • Confused About Home Health and Home Care? Here’s the Difference

    Lots of older adults need help to continue living in their homes. There are lots of different kinds of services available to seniors, including home health and home care. Although the names of these services are similar, they differ in the kinds of care they offer.


    Elder Care in Markham: Home Health and Home Care

    Elder Care in Markham: Home Health and Home Care


    What is Home Health?

    The chief difference between home health and home care is that home health provides medical services. Its purpose is to allow a person with a serious illness to recover at home instead of in a facility setting. It is less expensive than a facility but still provides skilled medical care. To use home health, your aging relative will need a referral from a doctor.

    Home health is often used as transitional care for seniors who have been hospitalized or who have had a temporary stay in a nursing home. It can also be used when there’s been a change in a treatment plan, such as different medications, as a means of watching for the effectiveness of the treatment or side effects.


    Some of the services that are typically provided by home health are:

    • Caring for a wound, such as a pressure sore or a surgical incision.
    • Physical, speech, or occupational therapy.
    • IV therapy.
    • Injections.
    • Pain management.



    What is Home Care?

    Home care offers non-medical assistance. Home care providers assist with all of the other things seniors need to remain comfortable and safe in their home. Anyone can use home care, regardless of their medical condition or the extent of disabilities. There is no need for a doctor’s referral. People who use home care just need some help with things that are difficult for them because of frailty, illness, or disability.


    Some of the services offered by home care are:

    • Light house cleaning.
    • Laundry.
    • Cooking.
    • Help with personal care, like dressing, bathing, daily grooming, and toileting.
    • Offering meaningful activities, such as reading to the senior, playing card and board games, doing puzzles, making crafts, and more.
    • Transportation to medical appointments, social gatherings, the pharmacy, stores, places of worship, and other destinations.
    • Overnight care.
    • Companionship.


    Home care providers can be hired either independently or through home care agencies. The benefit of home care agencies is that they do all the work of vetting their employees to ensure staff members are qualified and trustworthy. They also handle all of the paperwork, such as payroll and tax issues. Home care agencies also are able to send replacement providers when the regular provider needs a vacation or takes a sick day.


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