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  • How Do You Know How Often Your Parents Will Need Home Care Visits?

    You know your parents need home care, but how often will they need a caregiver to visit? It depends on their situation. Take these factors into consideration when you’re deciding how often to hire home care support.


    Elder Care in Markham: Senior Home Care Visits

    Elder Care in Markham: Senior Home Care Visits


    What Concerns Do You Have With Activities of Daily Living?

    What concerns do you have? If your dad has dementia, you may be worried about him wandering off. He may not be able to cook his meals, drive a car, or remember to take his medications. In that case, he needs daily home care services.

    Your mom broke her wrist. She is having a hard time cooking meals, but she can reheat meals you’ve prepared for her. She struggles to clean the house. She may not need home care for long, but she needs someone to cook meals and to help with laundry and cleaning. Weekly visits from a caregiver may be enough if she’s able to reheat meals that have already been prepared.


    Don’t Avoid Asking Your Parents

    Ask your parents what they need help with. If they’re open and honest, you may find there are things they struggle with that you thought they were managing. The house may look clean, but looks can be deceiving. After you mop the kitchen floor, you find more dust, crumbs, and pet hair than you realized. The bathroom looks great, but you move the shower curtain and find a lot of mold and mildew.

    Your parents may be too proud to admit they can’t do it all. While you should ask for their input, check around the home for problems. Some of the things family members often miss are expired foods, mold and mildew, and lack of foot care.


    Home Care Services Can Be Altered as Needed

    When you hire caregivers, you can adjust the services as needed. You’re not locked down to a set of services. Feel free to start out with more services than may be needed and scale down from there. A caregiver can help you determine what services aren’t really necessary. Caregivers can also help you decide when it’s time to increase care services.

    Don’t let your parents’ resistance keep you from getting them the help they need to age at home. Some seniors don’t love the idea of having help, but once home care services are in place, it changes their lives. They realize it helps them remain independent without struggling to get tasks completed. Call a home care agency to talk about your parents’ needs.

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