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  • How to Help Your Senior to See Better

    Your senior’s vision is a crucial tool in keeping her from bumping into obstacles that could seriously injure her. How you approach certain aspects of helping her to preserve her vision can make a big difference in keeping her seeing as well as possible.

    Elder Care in Mississauga: Senior Vision Health

    Elder Care in Mississauga: Senior Vision Health


    Stash Some Extra Glasses Around

    If possible, it might be a good idea to keep a spare pair or two of glasses around for your senior. These might be the prescription right before this one or even just spare reading glasses. This is especially important if your senior has a habit of taking her glasses off and then misplacing them. Make sure that you let other people, such as home care providers, know where they can find the spare pairs just in case.

    Incorporate Lens Cleaning into Every Day

    Dirty lenses are really difficult to see out of and your senior might not even realize that they’re dirty. Smudges and oil on the lenses attract even more dirt, which compounds the problem. The dirt can also damage the lenses, so it’s important to make lens cleaning a big part of every single day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use pre-moistened towelettes made specifically for eyeglasses. They’re portable and won’t damage the lenses.

    Lighting Makes a Difference

    You might think that the house has enough lighting, but for someone with vision issues, lighting makes a huge difference. Especially during twilight hours, it’s important to turn on some extra lights. Just a little bit of added lighting helps your elderly family member to be able to see much more clearly.

    Regular Eye Exams Are Crucial

    The best way to stay on top of what is happening with your aging adult’s vision is to make sure that she’s sticking with her vision exam schedule. Depending on her existing eye health, her eye doctor may want your elderly family member to have eye exams twice a year. Skipping one of those exams might cause you to miss a pretty big change in her vision that might be correctable.

    Be on the lookout for signs that your aging adult’s vision is changing. You might notice her squinting or having more trouble with tasks or hobbies that haven’t been a problem for her before. Headaches and pain in and around her eyes can also be a sign that your senior is experiencing some changes to her vision.

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