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  • 5 Time Management Tips for Family Caregivers

    Family caregivers are extremely busy, and it is common for them to have lots of tasks to accomplish in a short period of time. In order for them to get everything done, it is essential that they use some proven time management tips. When it comes to caring for an aging relative, family caregivers need all the help they can get.

    Elderly Care in Pickering: Caregiver Time Management Tips

    Elderly Care in Pickering: Caregiver Time Management Tips



    Here are 5 time management tips for family caregivers that will help them accomplish what they need to without as much stress:


    1. Do the Hardest Things First

    When family caregivers tackle the hardest tasks first, they do so when they are fresh and motivated. It’s also a big mental boost to get the most daunting tasks out of the way so everything else doesn’t seem quite as tough. Eliminating the biggest chores also makes family caregivers more productive. If a task is extremely hard, family caregivers can call in other family members or a home care provider for support.

    2. Consolidate Similar Tasks

    When family caregivers consolidate tasks, they are more efficient and can complete tasks faster. Consolidating errands to one day, paying the bills at once, and similar groupings can help a family caregiver accomplish more in a short time span. Delegating groups of similar tasks to others is another way to maximize efficiency.

    3. Get Organized

    So much time is wasted trying to find things, from cleaning supplies and important papers to old photos and winter clothes. Family caregivers should devote some time to get organized and that investment will pay off in a lot of saved time down the road. When things are organized, other supporters like friends, family members, and home care providers will also be more efficient.

    4. Ask for Help

    Family caregivers try to do a lot on their own, but they need to use help when they can. Hiring a home care provider is one way to delegate basic care duties to someone else. Asking other family members can also free up some time to complete tasks and meet their elderly relative’s needs. A home care provider can also be scheduled to come in at times when the family caregiver needs them most.

    5. Avoid Procrastination

    When people feel stressed or overwhelmed, they tend to procrastinate. This can be very detrimental to family caregivers that want to manage their time better. Procrastination has a way of making tasks more complicated and warps the perception of what family caregivers can realistically achieve.

    Family caregivers should also take some time each week to review how their time is being spent. Then, they should make adjustments as needed. It may mean expanding the hours of the home care provider or looking into time-saving services like online grocery shopping. Caring for an elderly loved one does demand a lot of time, but with some effective time management strategies, family caregivers can feel confident that they are doing what they can to do an excellent job.


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