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  • How to Halt the Spread of Influenza to Elderly Adults

    If you are caring for an elderly parent, you know how important it is to keep them safe, healthy and happy.
    However, with the approach of flu season, it’s more important than ever to provide the kind of care and attention they need to help them avoid exposure to the troublesome virus. Thousands of elderly adults are hospitalized every year due to flu complications. You can avoid having your aging mom or dad go through that when you learn how to halt the spread of influenza to elderly adults.


    Elderly Care in Toronto: Senior Flu Prevention

    Elderly Care in Toronto: Senior Flu Prevention



    So, what can you, family members and even home care providers do to prevent your aging loved one from encountering the flu virus? With some extra effort, you can reduce their risk of exposure and help them avoid the flu this season. Here are 5 things that give your aging mom or dad the best chance of going flu-free:


    1. Vaccinate

    Doctors say that getting a special senior flu vaccine is the top thing you can do to avoid the illness. Average adults just need a standard flu shot, and you, family members and any home care providers should all get one to prevent bringing the illness home to the senior. However, elderly adults require a combination of shots specifically designed to help their weaker immune systems tougher against influenza.


    2. Healthy Living

    The healthier you are the less likely you will be to get sick in general. Seniors often struggle with resisting germs, because their immune system is not as robust as it once was. The best ways to strengthen the body against illness is good nutrition, plenty of water, restorative sleep, regular exercise, and no smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Family caregivers and home care providers can play a big part in getting aging adults to be as healthy as possible.


    3. Hand Washing

    Influenza germs spread through the air and via common surfaces. Keeping your hands clean can go a long way in protecting your elderly loved one from picking up influenza. Always use warm water and soap, and scrub all over for at least 20 seconds. Encourage all visitors to wash frequently, and especially your elderly parent.


    4. Sneeze and Cough Protection

    Sneezes and coughs can sneak up so quickly that sometimes it is hard to cover them in time. However, airborne particles transmit the flu virus easily to seniors. Anyone coughing or sneezing near your aging mom or dad should cover up with hands, elbow or tissue. Of course, they should wash their hands immediately after. If someone is very sick, your aging parent should steer clear until they recover.


    5. Clean and Sanitize

    To stop the spread of the flu, step up your cleaning duties. Wipe down surfaces more frequently with germ-killing solutions and wash bedding and blankets more often, too. Don’t forget to wipe down commonly touched areas of the house like doorknobs, light switches, mobile devices, remote controls, computer keyboards, refrigerator handles, and bathroom faucets.


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