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  • The Culture of Caring

    Life has series of stages of development. Every stage, it comes with changes that includes normal changes in the body and the roles you play in life. Successful adaptation to these changes will give positive experience, well being and healthy aging.

    Senior Care

    Depending on the family dynamic, when parents are aging, adult children take the role to lead the family and care provider when parents start to have more challenges as they age. Adult children are at the stage where they have competing responsibilities. This includes, balancing family with their own young children, work and caregiving responsibilities for their parent.
    Or, the spouse will take the role of caregiving responsibilities for their spouse. It requires balancing as the healthier spouse also going through changes with aging and will take added role and responsibilities as family caregiver.
    What strategies to support our family caregivers?
    Planning for aging can be never be early. Having family meetings to have an early discussion regarding your wishes and plans will prevent from having a crisis when unexpected event happens. Choosing your substitute decision maker and have legal documents in place to prevent family crisis as often children have conflicting decisions.
    Ensure that your older parents are engaged and participate in making decisions. Set up realistic goals. Making a checklist will help you cover all aspects of their needs and care. Encourage parents to maintain activities that they enjoy to maintain their health, wellness and quality of life. Constant communication with them will make them feel remain connected, not feeling isolated and it supports their independence.
    As family caregiver, it is important to have time for your own health and wellness and your own family. Communicate to your spouse and being open to your personal stressors. Finding out support groups in the community for yourself and also for your aging parents. There are various programs for seniors and for caregivers.

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