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Geri Health Home Care Celebrates World Kidney Day

Geri Health Home Care delivers health promotion education presentations in the community. They share their knowledge, expertise and their experience. This presentation enriched the seniors at Burrows Senior Community Center with tips and strategies in coping and how to live well with kidney disease but also chronic health problems in general.

Kidney health presentation at Burrows Hall Community Center provided to seniors by Geri Health Home Care. Homecare in Toronto.

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our body. Understanding its key functions in the body and how kidneys work is significant in maintaining the kidneys healthy, preserving the kidney function and/or slowing the progression of kidney disease.

The objectives of the presentation include, to learn more about kidneys, how does it work and its key functions in the body. To understand chronic disease, causes, symptoms, strategies how to manage and live well and treatment options.
Knowledge is an empowerment especially in managing your health. It gives you confidence to be active and in control in your healthcare decisions.