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Geri Health Home Care is committed on providing the best possible care and experience to our clients. Home health care matters can be complex, challenging and stressful.

Our friendly team of care experts is available for you every step and you will be guided through the process. You will be engaged and empower to make your health care decisions. In collaboration with your Primary Nurse, yourself and your family. We will set up your care plan that is personalized and fits to your individual health care needs.


The Process on Getting Started

  1. Introduction of Geri Health.

    Home Care Nurse Clinician will come and meet you at your home to introduce about our Company, our team, our services and discuss to you the process and why our company.

  2. Triage and assessment of the overall client’s status.

    Home Care Nurse Clinician will do an in-depth assessment to the client. These includes checking vital signs such as your blood pressure, blood sugar and other pertinent objective information as baseline health records. Part of this assessment is obtaining your health history, head to toe assessment, environmental assessment and social support background. This information is all confidential and will use as guide in developing your care plan.

  3. Developing a care plan.

    In collaboration with you and/or your family who are involve in your care, a care plan will be developed, detailing the services, interventions and timing of other activities, making sure that we are addressing client’s specific goals and expectations.

  4. Service Agreement will be finalized.

    Our service agreement is for consent purposes only. That both parties, between you as client and Geri Health have meet and agreed expectations of services is being provided.
    This is not a contract and no long-term commitment.

  5. Assigning your primary Personal Support Worker.

    Geri Health Nurse Clinician will assign you with the appropriate best caregiver that matches your home health care needs and caregiver’s education, training, experience and personality.
    A Primary Nurse will be assigned to you, who will be responsible of an ongoing assessment and management of your care.

  6. Meeting your assigned Personal Support Worker and/or Primary Nurse.

    Setting up a meeting and introduce you to your assigned Personal Support Worker or Nurse, conduct orientation about the care plan and if there are special instructions and answer any questions or concerns.

  7. On going assessment and management of your care.

    The Primary Nurse will do home visits and do ongoing assessment, evaluate the effectiveness of current care plan and revised care plan as needed to fit into your changing health care needs.