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  • Do Seniors Really Heal Faster at Home?

    Do Seniors Really Heal Faster at Home?

    A hospital visit is inevitable for the majority of seniors, and some elderly adults will be there several times in their old age. When it’s time for aging relatives to be discharged, the long road to recovery is just beginning. Some doctors recommend a recovery center, but studies show that with the right support in place, aging adults may actually heal faster when they are at home. Family caregivers can do a lot to create a space where their aging loved ones can recover at home and heal faster than ever.


    Home Care Services in Mississauga: Home Recovery

    Home Care Services in Mississauga: Home Recovery


    Aging adults often struggle with chronic health issues, illness, injuries, surgery or age-related health conditions that land them in the hospital. However, recovering at home has many benefits, too.

    Benefits of Healing at Home

    An aging adult’s home greatly influences their mental state, their emotions and their comfort levels. Surrounded by their own beloved items and sleeping in their own bed does a lot for their emotions and their mood, which in turn boosts their self-confidence in their own ability to recover. They may also feel more at ease knowing that the cost of recovering at home is much lower than a traditional recovery facility.

    Another advantage of healing at home that leads to faster recovery is that the elderly adult is exposed to fewer germs from the reduced number of people. It’s easy to pick up bacteria and viruses from others, but family caregivers can sterilize the home and control the people who come in and out, making it a healthier environment.

    Yet another benefit is that the aging adult can develop their own schedule, so they can wake up, eat, nap and more when their body tells them to. At a recovery center, patients are on the group’s schedule for meals, personal care, recreation and more. Developing a routine is beneficial for aging adults, and family caregivers can set one up that best suits their unique needs.

    Elder Care Providers Help with In-Home Recovery

    The critical part of healing at home is having professional elder care providers on hand to help the aging adult. Not only can the elder care provider assist the recovering senior with tasks they cannot do, but they can also encourage them to eat better, take medication on time, and incorporate moderate activity as allowed by the doctor.

    Seniors who are recovering at home often struggle greatly in the first few days and weeks, but gradually achieve more mobility as they move forward in their recovery. Their needs can be met, however, by an elder care provider who can clean, cook, do laundry, assist with dressing and grooming and be a companion for the recovering senior. Elder care provider professionals make it possible for aging adults to recover at home.

    Even though leaving the hospital can be good news, the recovery effort and time involved can seem like bad news to some. However, seniors who love to be at home may recover faster and more completely with the help of a strong support group of family caregivers, friends, and elder care providers.


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