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  • 5 Safety Tips So Seniors Can Enjoy Halloween

    Halloween is a fun and festive time of year that many elderly adults enjoy. Others find the holiday too stressful and worrisome. From décor to nightly visitors, lots of things about Halloween also has the potential to be a safety hazard for seniors, especially those that live alone.

    As Halloween rapidly approaches, it’s a good idea to figure out which attitude your aging relative has about the holiday in general, so you can plan accordingly. Depending on what you do, you can also ask family members, friends and senior care providers for help.

    Home Care Services in Pickering: Halloween Tips For Seniors

    Home Care Services in Pickering: Halloween Tips For Seniors



    Here are 5 safety tips that you can think about to make your aging relative’s Halloween comfortable and stress-free…

    1. Decorations

    A big part of the fun of Halloween is all the spooky or whimsical decorations. Your aging relative may want to decorate their yard or porch for the holiday. However, bending, stooping, climbing and more might be beyond their abilities and they will need help from you, so they don’t injure themselves. Always make sure that stairs and doorways are clear and well-lit to avoid slip and fall accidents. Instead of lighted-candles, which are a fire hazard, use battery-powered illumination alternatives.

    2. Costumes

    Some seniors want to dress up in costumes, either to pass out candy or to attend a family or neighborhood party. It’s important that the costume doesn’t restrict their movements in any way, such as walking or bending or arranging clothing, so they can use the restroom. Encourage them to stay away from masks and bulky headgear, which can limit vision and hearing. Finally, check that their footwear is sturdy and supportive to avoid slip and fall accidents.

    3. Trick or Treaters

    If your aging relative wants to welcome trick or treaters, you and the senior care provider should come up with a plan to pass out candy that is most comfortable and stress-free for them. Some people just set up a candy bowl and sign on the porch and don’t answer the door. Other seniors want to interact with the children, so they answer the door with support from the family caregiver or senior care provider. If the weather is mild, seniors and their family caregiver can sit outside by the front door and welcome visitors as they arrive.

    4. Candy

    Halloween candy is delicious, and for elderly adults that don’t get sweets often, it can be very tempting. You and the senior care provider should monitor your aging relative’s candy intake for several reasons. They may overindulge and ruin their appetite for nutritious food or develop problems with blood sugar if they are diabetic or hypoglycemic.

    5. Mischief

    For many reasons, Halloween night is when homes are targeted for mischief and sometimes even break-ins. Your aging relative should not be alone on Halloween, so arrange for a family member or senior care provider to stay. Keep the lights on and take extra security measures like locking doors and windows. Just having someone there can give anxious seniors peace of mind.

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