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  • When Elderly Parents Require In-Home Care

    So, you’ve noticed recently that your aging mom or elderly dad is not doing a great job at taking care of themselves or their home. It’s common for seniors with physical impairments to have difficulties taking care of themselves or their home. If your elderly parent insists they are fine but your senses tell you otherwise, it may be time to have a serious conversation about getting them some in-home assistance to boost their quality of life.


    Home Care Services in Richmond Hill: Caregiver In-Home Care

    Home Care Services in Richmond Hill: Caregiver In-Home Care


    Signs that Seniors are Struggling

    Growing old is very difficult for many seniors because they must face many of their own weaknesses, both physically and mentally. After all, adults who have taken care of themselves and others for decades are entering a phase of their lives where even the most common day-to-day tasks are difficult for them. It’s common for some aging parents to hide their struggles from adult children. That’s why it’s important for family caregivers like you to get a true assessment of your elderly mom or dad’s quality of life and whether they need some in-home care assistance.

    Some of the clues that seniors may be struggling include late or unpaid bills, broken things around the house, minor car accidents, unexplained cuts and bruises, and wearing the same clothes for days in a row. Perhaps you can no longer ignore their personal hygiene or suddenly discover a nearly empty food pantry. Other common signs are lots of dirty dishes, expired food in the refrigerator, piles of dirty clothes and bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. Although you hate to admit it, your elder parent may require in-home care to stay safe and healthy.


    How Senior Care Providers Assist the Elderly

    Many family caregivers hire senior care providers to perform those day-to-day tasks that have become a real challenge to their elderly relative. With some seniors, the problems are relatively few and the senior care provider only needs to come in a few times per week. For others, the physical and mental issues are more impactful, and the senior care provider is needed every day. There’s no doubt that a senior care provider can make sure a struggling elderly adult is well-cared for at home.

    There are many day-to-day tasks that your elderly parent may have difficulty with, so their senior care provider can step in and help when needed. The most common tasks include bathing, dressing, and grooming. Hygiene tasks like clean laundry and toileting are extremely important. Of course, senior care providers can assist in preparing nutritious meals and snacks, housekeeping, light home maintenance, and grocery shopping, too. Other small but important tasks include reminding seniors to take their medicine, driving them to appointments, and keeping them company when they would otherwise be alone.

    When your elderly parent is being cared for by a professional, you’ll be surprised at how relieved you feel knowing they are safe and comfortable.


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