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  • What Can You Do Right Now about Stress as a Caregiver?

    Stress is something that every caregiver deals with, but how you handle it can make all the difference in the world. No matter how stressed you’re feeling, one or more of these options can help you right now to put a dent in the stress in your life.

    Use Respite Care Options

    Home Care Toronto: Caregivers Need a Break, Call Us Today.

    Home Care Toronto: Caregivers Need a Break, Call Us Today.

    Respite care is one of the most vital tools that you can add to your arsenal as a caregiver. This type of care allows you to step away from caregiving for a few hours or even days to center yourself. Home care providers can take over for you so that you can handle whatever requires your attention for yourself. When you come back, you’ll be better able to handle the daily requirements of caregiving.

    Find Other time for Breaks, Too

    But breaks aren’t just about needing an afternoon or a day away. You also need other types of breaks, like a half hour to read a book or ten minutes to have a cup of tea. Working these smaller breaks into your daily life helps you to keep your focus when the rest of your day is demanding everything you’ve got. Pay attention to how often you take even a small break and determine what you can do to increase the number of breaks you have in each day.

    Self-care Needs to Be a Priority

    Above all, you need to make your own self-care a priority. Taking care of someone else can be extremely draining, especially if you’re ignoring your own needs. Think about it in terms of a pitcher of water. When the pitcher is kept full, you can use that pitcher to fill other cups. When you let that pitcher run empty, it can’t do anything more.

    Find Somewhere to Vent

    You’re going to experience some feelings and situations that leave you frustrated, annoyed, or even just in need of an understanding ear to listen. Caregivers need to have outlets for those feelings. You might have friends or family members who understand what you’re facing, but another option is to join a support group so that you have people with whom you can talk about what you’re experiencing.

    Every caregiver is different, of course, but so too is every situation. Your own caregiving situation can change several times before you’re near the end. It’s important to pace yourself now and learn to manage your stress so that you’re there for the long haul.

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