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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips Your Elderly Parents Must Use

    Your parents still drive. Winter is coming. Now is the time to get your parents ready for another winter of driving. If you haven’t discussed winter driving safety tips, now is a perfect time.


    Home Health Care in Richmond Hill: Senior Driving Safety

    Home Health Care in Richmond Hill: Senior Driving Safety

    Vehicles Need to Be Equipped for the Winter

    Your mom and dad’s car should be equipped with snow tires. They grip an icy, snowy road better than all-season or summer tires. In some states, chains may be required in mountainous regions. While snow tires are installed, the battery and fluids should be checked. Windshield fluid that can withstand freezing temperatures is important.

    The car should have blankets, flares, flashlights, water bottles, and non-perishable foods in the trunk or back seat. If your parents get stuck and can’t get to a house or shelter, they want to stay warm and have food to eat. Sand or cat litter and a collapsible shovel can help if your parents slide off the road and need traction to get back on it.

    Refresh With a Winter Driving Course

    AARP has driving classes. Check the schedule or ask your local DMV if they offer any winter driving classes. These courses can be a good refresher for your parents before winter arrives. Plus, certification from a winter driving course can save them money on auto insurance.

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    The old adage that slow and steady wins the race is true on icy or snowy roads. If your parents don’t have to go out, they should stay home. If they can’t get out of a trip somewhere, they need to take their time and allow for delays in traffic.

    When driving in heavy snow and ice, your mom and dad should avoid sudden braking or sharp jerks on the steering wheel. These actions could lead to a skid or spin.

    If there are roads that are known to not be kept up as well as others, your mom and dad should avoid those roads. Roads with winding turns and lots of hills may not be the safer choice, even if it is the fastest route. Make sure they avoid more dangerous routes when roads are bad and go the long way around if necessary.

    Losing the ability to drive doesn’t have to impact the ability to go out. Caregivers offer transportation services as part of the menu of senior care options. Caregivers can drive your mom and dad to stores, senior centers, houses, and medical offices. Call a home care agency to discuss transportation and other home care options.


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