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  • Would My Elderly Parent Like Massage Therapy?

    Massage therapy is thoughtfully and strategically applying pressure to different parts of the body to reduce pain and relieve stress. There are tremendous health benefits that come from massage therapy, especially for elderly adults. Family caregivers that want to improve their aging mom or dad’s health and wellness should consider massage therapy.


    Homecare in Markham: Senior Massage Therapy

    Homecare in Markham: Senior Massage Therapy


    What is Massage Therapy for Seniors?

    Many family caregivers don’t consider massage therapy when they are looking for solutions to help their aging loved ones. Seniors are more likely to have one or more chronic conditions that interfere with their ability to take care of their own needs. Family caregivers and elder care providers are usually on-hand to help with basic tasks like meal preparation, housekeeping, and companionship. However, there’s no substitute for a professional massage therapist.

    Massage therapy for seniors is a little different than traditional sessions. The elderly person’s bones and joints may not stretch as far as with younger adults, so the massage therapist needs to take that into account. Some seniors have difficulty laying down completely, so the massage therapist will use a more comfortable seat for the session. Finally, elderly adults have thinner skin and less muscle mass, so they bruise more easily. When a massage therapist has experience with aging adults, the experience will be better and the results of the massage will be more effective.


    What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors?

    While modern medicine has opened the door for all kinds of treatment for age-related diseases and conditions, drugs can’t do it all. Massage therapy is a fine complement to prescription medication for several illnesses. Studies show that massage therapy can increase flexibility and range of motion, boost circulation, relieve muscle tension and stress, improve digestion, reduce headaches and even help with pain management.

    An elderly adult’s mental health can benefit from massage therapy as well. Massages can stimulate the brain to release hormones that bring about feelings of relaxation, contentment, and joy. In turn, this can boost self-esteem and even reduce the risk of developing depression or anxiety. Family caregivers and elder care providers will notice plenty of positive changes in the aging adult when they receive regular massage therapy.


    Tips About Massage Therapy for Family Caregivers

    There’s more to getting an aging parent into a massage therapist than just looking in an online directory. Family caregivers should get permission from their aging loved one’s doctor before starting any kind of massage therapy. Massage therapy for seniors requires special techniques, so family caregivers and elder care providers need to ensure that the professional has training in working with elderly adults.

    Massage therapy is a low risk, inexpensive and effective way for elderly adults to bet help with some of their health issues. When done right, it can soothe aches and pains associated with old age and bring comfort and peace to the senior’s daily life. It’s not too late for family caregivers to plan for their aging mom or dad to includes massage therapy and all of its positive results.


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