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  • Helping Elderly Adults Pack a Hospital Overnight Bag

    Helping Elderly Adults Pack a Hospital Overnight Bag


    Chances are that an aging adult who struggles with physical health problems will have to make a trip to the hospital at some point. When that stressful day arrives, it can be frustrating for family caregivers and senior care providers to pull together everything they or the elderly adult needs for a successful trip. Preparing a hospital bag in advance of a hospital stay means that all the important and necessary items are in one place, ready to go.

    Homecare in Pickering: Packing A Hospital Overnight Bag

    Homecare in Pickering: Packing A Hospital Overnight Bag


    Why Prepare a Hospital Bag in Advance?

    Sometimes a hospital stay is scheduled, such as after a surgery or recommended procedure. In that event, the family caregiver or senior care provider has time to gather all the important paperwork and items they need to make the stay more comfortable and less stressful. However, if the visit to the hospital is more of an emergency, it can lead to stress and frustration at not knowing where things are.

    Another advantage to having a hospital bag pre-packed is when an emergency occurs when the family caregiver is not present. For example, many elderly adults have in-home senior care providers with them to assist during the day. Senior care providers wouldn’t know where things like insurance cards are stored, and that lack of knowledge could hinder efforts. With a hospital bag that contains all the proper document work, filling out forms will be much easier.


    Here are some ideas on what family caregivers and senior care providers should include in an aging adult’s hospital bag:

    • Copies of insurance and Medicaid cards
    • Copies of legal documents relating to power of attorney and treatment requests
    • Medical history document that lists medication, doctor’s contact information and current health issues
    • Cell phone and charger
    • Robe or cardigan to go over the hospital gown
    • Soft socks or slippers
    • Clean underwear
    • Outfit to wear home upon discharge
    • Toiletry essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, lip balm and lotion
    • Favorite throw blanket or pillow
    • Entertainment such as magazines, word search book, knitting or tablet

    The hospital overnight items should be stored in a sturdy and easy-to-carry bag that can be slung over the shoulder.
    This is important so that family caregivers and senior care providers can have their hands free to assist the aging adult as needed as they make their way to the hospital. The bag should be stored in an easy-to-reach spot, such as a front hall closet. Family caregivers should let close friends, family members, and senior care providers know the location and encourage them to grab it if something happens.

    Being prepared with a hospital bag can alleviate a lot of stress for family caregivers whenever their elderly relative needs to go to the hospital. Instead of struggling to pull everything together in the crisis moment, it’s all done. This gives family caregivers the chance to focus on their aging loved one.


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