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  • Safety: At-Home Senior Living

    Now that our senior parents have reached the age of retirement, their bodies start to change, occurring slowly as part of aging process. Planning ahead is important to cope and adapt to these changes. Advance planning will help and guide in making decisions that are based on their will, values, and wishes and will prevent crisis situation when sudden changes affecting health and capacity arises.

    Independent Living at Home

    A major part of planning is making the decision of where to live as seniors age. Usually, they choose to age at home. At-home senior living allows for easy access to services that they may need, such as health and social supports, close to family, friends and remaining in their home community. Part of planning process includes self-assessment and developing plans and actions. Although there are different important aspects when assessing your readiness for at-home senior living, this article will discuss safety.

    Safety is protecting the well being and keeping away the potential danger, injury, harm or abuse. It is a crucial part of the assessment when you decide to age at home.

    Environmental safety involves safe surroundings, including your home and neighborhood. Your environment is always a risk of injury. A thorough assessment inside and outside of the house and your neighborhood for safety is required. Check commonly used areas inside your home, particularly bedroom, bathroom, stairs, living, and the kitchen. In each area of your home, it has a detailed checklist and what can be done. Often times this includes rearranging furniture and decors. Sometimes modification is needed for a part of the home; for example the bathroom, installing handrails in stairs and lightings can be costly. Check out grants that can be available from the government to help partly cover the cost of modification for seniors. The assessment outside of the home includes the outside stairs, porch, proper lightings, etc. Assess if neighborhood is a senior-friendly neighborhood where everyone cleans their pathway especially during the winter, where everyone looking out for each other’s safety.

    Emotional safety is part of the safety assessment. This is to ensure that your social supports are protecting your emotional well being. Seniors are at higher risk of neglect, financial and emotional abuse. Having your plans in place, seniors will be able to make your own decision based on your will and wishes without any pressures or influence from others.

    Online safety is crucial in this generation as technology is part of our daily life. Having knowledge about technologies will protect you for possible harm. Although we all can be affected, seniors are more vulnerable to crimes such as identity theft, fraud, financial scams, and other cybercrimes. There are computer/technology literacy programs in public libraries for seniors that help them learn how to use and be safe online.

    Geri Health Home Care promotes at-home senior living. Safety is our top priority to ensure you live safely, comfortably, independently and maintain the quality of life you deserve. We help

    you in your planning process because we understand that being prepared will bring positive experience, positive health outcome and quality of life in your later years. There are some precautionary measures that can be put in place to maintain safety while you enjoy living at home with your family. Contact us today at 416-431-6266.

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