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  • Help! My Elderly Mom Has COPD

    Help! My Elderly Mom Has COPD

    When someone cannot breathe properly due to a variety of lung conditions, it is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.
    When this occurs in aging adults, it can seriously limit their ability to remain healthy and safe in their own homes. Because of the serious nature of the disease, especially when an elderly person is also struggling with other age-related conditions, COPD can be the final straw in determining whether an aging adult needs in-home care.


    Senior Care in Markham: Senior COPD Tips

    Senior Care in Markham: Senior COPD Tips


    Family caregivers need to assess their aging loved one’s situation and determine what their needs might be as they want to live at home but cannot overcome the physical challenges that a COPD diagnosis brings. Hiring a home care provider can be a huge benefit in solving this problem for the whole family.


    Benefits and Challenges of Being Home with COPD

    Most seniors want to remain in their home as they age, and research shows that they often do better there, with an advantage to their mental and physical health to remain there rather than move somewhere. However, the symptoms of COPD make it very difficult for them to live independently. Because COPD leads to coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue and more, it is hard for elderly adults to do things like clean the house, cook meals and sometimes even get showered and dressed for the day. In short, they need help with many daily tasks to keep them safe, healthy and happy.


    Seniors with COPD Rely on Family Caregivers

    Family caregivers are doing a wonderful service when they step in and look after their aging loved one with a COPD diagnosis. However, not all family caregivers are able to spend a lot of time with their aging loved one. Caring for a relative can interfere with other responsibilities like a job, children and even a good night’s sleep. Family caregivers want the best for their elderly loved one and leaving them alone for long periods of time while they have COPD is not healthy or beneficial. When they hire a home care provider, everyone benefits.


    How Home Care Providers Help Seniors with COPD

    Hiring an in-home care provider is the best way to help an aging loved one with COPD to remain at home. The home care provider can assist them with getting out of bed and getting ready each morning, plus do light housework, laundry, and meal preparation. Many home care providers will even offer transportation services and drive the elderly adult to doctor’s appointments and to the respiratory therapist for breathing treatments. Most importantly, the home care provider can be a companion to the aging adult during the times when they would otherwise be alone.

    It’s a difficult challenge to work out aging in place at home with a COPD diagnosis, but family caregivers with elderly loved ones can work together and hire a home care provider so that the aging adult gets to be where they want while remaining well-cared for.

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