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  • How Can Elder Care Help After Your Parent is Discharged from the Hospital?

    In most situations, being discharged from the hospital is not the end of a person’s management of an illness, infection, or injury that caused them to need treatment. In fact, discharge usually marks the beginning of another phase of the recovery in which they will receive continued care and support at home.
    While it’s exciting for your parent to be able to return home after a time in the hospital, it can also be someone intimidating. As a family caregiver, you want to make sure your parent has the best chances of a full and successful recovery and can move forward into the next chapter of their lives in the best way possible. One way you can help them do this is with the introduction of elder care.


    Senior Care in Mississauga: Elder Care Help After Hospital

    Senior Care in Mississauga: Elder Care Help After Hospital


    Some of the ways eldercare can help your parent after they are discharged from the hospital include:


    -Helping your parent conserve energy. Just because your parent is dealing with a recovery and recuperation doesn’t mean the needs of their household will stop. Tasks such as laundry, dishes, and tidying still have to be done, and this can be exhausting for your parent. A care provider can step in to assist with these tasks so your parent can rest and focus on recovering.

    -Helping them eat a healthy diet.
    Your parent’s body will need a healthy, balanced diet to help their body heal and build up energy. This care provider can prepare meals and snacks that give them the nutrients they need, while still being delicious and satisfying.

    -Providing personal care assistance. While your parent is going through recovery and recuperation, they may deal with weakness, dizziness, balance problems, loss of range of motion, and more. A care provider can provide physical support and.

    -Providing medication reminders. Compliance with medications and other guidelines from their doctor is extremely important to your parent making the most of their recovery and treatments. This care provider can encourage this compliance by reminding your parent when and how they should take their medications, and any instructions that go along with it, such as if they should or should not eat with it.

    -Providing companionship and support. Many seniors going through recovery or who have just been discharged from the hospital experience loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and even depression. Having a care provider with them means they have support and companionship that can ease these difficulties and help them maintain better mental and emotional health as they recover, and beyond.


    The services of an elder care provider to be extremely beneficial after your parent is discharged from the hospital, but the benefits don’t end there.
    Extending the care of an elderly home care services provider so that it becomes an ongoing element of your parent’s life can boost their health and well-being, and give them a more satisfying and independent lifestyle. Elder care services are completely customizable, which means they can change as frequently as your parent does. No matter what your loved one needs to manage their challenges and support their quality of life, elder care can be there for them, and for you.

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