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  • Things To Do List When Visiting Your Doctor

    Geri Health Home Care aim to transform possibilities in home health care. We provide support in all aspects to self-manage your home care needs and your health care needs at home. We empower you with knowledge. We help you to learn strategies how you achieve the life long independence and spend quality time with your family at your own home where you have built milestones of memories with your entire family life.


    Sometimes, it is frustrating to go and see your doctor because in addition to the long waiting time. At times, you also feel like your health problem was not address and/or the doctor did not do anything about your problem.

    The following are recommended things to do and bring when visiting your doctor.

    These lists will help your doctor to obtain a detailed history to properly assess your health problem. Your doctor will be able to make his diagnosis, plan and do intervention. Making your list also help to utilize your time spent with the doctor efficiently, get health complaint addressed and action plan will be discussed.

    Geri Health team empower you through health education. Home Care Toronto.


    • It is significant to bring your log book of your blood pressures and blood sugar readings. For pain, can be chronic pain or acute, record your pain scale, the location, time and what did you do to help relieve the pain and was it effective or not. Or any other information that is significant for the doctor to make an accurate assessment of your health complaint.

    • It is helpful to bring all medications list. This can be requested from your community pharmacy. The list should include the name of medication, dosage and time of when to take medication. It is beneficial to know what are your medications for. Highlight new medications.

    • In an event of recent hospital admission, bring a copy of discharge summary to your doctor for his records and this serve as his guide for your continuing care and follow up care. Follow set up post hospital care plan such as continuing medications, repeat bloodwork or other tests.

    • Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or plan to take any herbal medications, vitamins or any over the counter medications. These medications may cause adverse interaction while taking your prescribed medication.

    • It is recommended to write down your questions. Most of the time, you tend to forget the questions you would like to ask your doctor. Clarify information with your doctor for any information that is unclear.

    • Be actively involve in your care, learn your medical condition as much as you can. The more knowledge you have, it increases your compliance to your treatment regimen and therapy. This will empower you to self-manage your own health.

    Geri Health team is your guide to prepare your “things to do list” when you visit your physician and your advocate for your health care needs.


    Trustworthy, accountable, excellence and respect are our values to work with you hand in hand to help you achieve your home health care goal. Our professional client care coordinators are equipped with skills, knowledge, critical thinking and attitude to consider all aspect of your care in your health and in your home care needs.

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