Meet Our Leadership Team

Anabelle Heramia, RN

President and Chief Executive Officer

Anabelle has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her strong clinical background of knowledge and experience in different healthcare areas are instrumental in creating strategies and building solutions in any unique healthcare situation. She is a leader that is creative, compassionate, visionary, driven by change, and passionate to bring new solutions.

Cristine Alcayaga

Client Care Director

Cristine has over 10 years of experience in the frontline in various healthcare settings. Her collective and vast experience and knowledge are valuable in her role as our Client Care Director. She provides leadership and guidance and oversees quality assurance in the delivery of care to exceed standards.

Teresa Nutt

Client Services Manager

Teresa has background knowledge and experience in social work and her various experience in healthcare management particularly in retirement homes will enrich the team with her enthusiasm and her creative problem-solving skills. Her enthusiastic and empathetic traits will help build a good relationship with the clients and potential clients. She ensures that solutions and services exceed client expectations. She will make recommendations and strategies for improvement based on the team’s performance metrics.

Anabelle Heramia, RN

Business Operation Manager

Gobinath’s education and experience blend in with the Geri Health leadership team as he ensures that the business operation is running efficiently and effectively. He sets goals, executes initiatives, and improves processes. His business analytic skills and experience help in setting up priorities, and improving workflows to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the business operation.

Lorna Botas

Human Resources Manager

Lorna brings her broad skills in human resources management. She set standards in bringing in talents and skills to ensure that the staff we deploy to our clients are instrumental in the achievement of their goals. She ensures that staff has complied with all mandatory requirements that include certifications, screening, and other mandatory occupational health and safety requirements.

Ronald Heramia

Chief Financial Officer

Ronald plays a major role as he is responsible for managing the finance and accounting department and ensuring the financial report are accurate and completed in a timely manner. He is responsible for payroll and account management.